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Comfort in Nature

  Sleeping to sensations of nature in a cozy bed is a dream for nature lovers. 
Our Eco-Pods (TriPods, TetraPods & PentaPods) were custom designed and built by Rory who took inspiration from sacred geometry. They are named after their shape.
In addition, we have river-side Bell Tents & two cozy rooms with private entrances
(The Granite Room and The Cabin) which are part of the main house.

Private accommodation is our standard


Inspired by the simplest 3D shape found in nature - the Tetrahedron. The walls reach 6 meters high to a clear top, and they have a large window with amazing views.

There are 4 of these, each with 1 double bed.


These pentagonal shaped structures have a small window and a door that rolls up so you can admire the view from bed, or lounge on the large private deck.

There are 4 of these, each with a 1 single bed.

The Cabin

The cabin is an extension of the main house. It has a red stable door, gorgeous hand made furniture and large window with a lovely view.

It has 1 double bed and a bunk bed

(2 singles beds)


Named for their Triangular shape, they reach 5 meters high and have small decks out front admire the views of the pool and sweeping tree tops.

There are 4 of these, each with 2 single beds.

Bell Tents

The Bell Tents are as close as you can get to the passing river which flows along the bottom of the land. You may even hear otters swimming upstream. 

There are 2 of these, each with 1 double bed.

The Granite Room

The Granite Room is part of the original ruin which has been renovated to maintain it's rustic charm. It is cozy warm in the winter and refreshingly cool in the summer.

It has 2 single beds.